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Make product’s plan according to customer’s requirements

Learning customer requirements(idea, concept, imagination, etc.) firstly, draw product renderingand make product plan, which includes product size, material, quotation, function, environment, service life and other descriptions. Then confirm with customer.

Possible problems and solutions in this process may exit as below:

There is some contradictions may exist between customer’s requirements and the appearance, function and structure of the product, and we will fully analyze and give them the  appropriate optimization suggestions.

Such as the design of the clock hands are too heavy or thick to move, and the overall height of the product is too short,  lack of considering the shaft length of the clock movement, no room for the clock hands, etc. Therefore, we must consider all the design that will affect the function from the functional structure of the clock and develop a new drawing that meets customer’s design.

Then we will enter the first confirmation process with customer, we will issue a set of detailed drawings and inform them which parts are retained in the original design, which parts must be improved to achieve basic function, which parts may optimized in order to Improve product’s performance and optimize the use experience, even can reduce costs.

Sometimes customer may ask for changes even if it is the same as the original design, we will modify design based on their requirements, and enter this repeat process until they are satisfied.