Clock Designed for IWC

  • Planning

Client just show us a photo of an IWC watch, then give us an dimensional drawing of the watch enlarged to 14 inches and ask us to make a clock engineering sample similar with the watch with stainless steel.

The watch structure is an integral housing with a flat back cover, the front circular transparent cover is surrounded by polished cambered surface, the side is pulled sand, the back cover buckles tightly. One difficulty arises here,  from overall stainless steel shell, to  achieve front half polishing, side half pulling sand; the cost of the process is extremely high. Customer cannot accept.

Then after our professional analysis, the following solutions are proposed:

We propose to divide the shell into two parts, the front half is plating, combine the back half and the back cover into a whole design with sand pulling. At the same time, the interior of the shell is specially designed to make the front and rear parts tightly buckle, and the appearance of the watch is sensuously restored. Compared with the original scheme, this  design meets the customer’s requirements at a lower cost.

  • Design

  • Sample


  • Mould(7sets)

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