The Timuxe Firm and Its Included Art Clocks

Chung Kin Advancement Scientific research and Innovation (Shenzhen) Carbon monoxide, LTD is one of the first metal suppliers of wall surface clocks in Shenzhen. They are also the leader and pioneer of top quality clocks made from metal in China. The company was begun in 2003 by financier HK Chung Kin Electronics Co. They have the leading patent of their sorts of quartz clock constructed from metal.

Timuxe research and also style

Timuxe has concentrated on research study and also the style of quartz clocks as well as has the sovereign capability to produce as well as make these clocks. Timuxe likewise further designs and also manufactures different kinds of plastic mold and mildews, as well as plastic injection by utilizing the best on the planet production and also the devices for assessment to construct these world-class clocks. Timuxe own the complete rights for import as well as export.

The manufacturing facility remains in:

Shi’ao 2nd Industrial Area, Dalang,Longhua New District, Shenzhen

This covers a location of around 1200 square meters.


This company owns very effective, useful and orderly structures. The study as well as design clocks are made with various products as well as styles according to customers’ demand along with needs of the marketplace.

Feature clock

Presently the center piece of their clocks for market is the 20″ Table Clock maker by this company.

The 20-inch Table Clock consists of these features:

Clock, thermostat and also hygrometer function
Outside or indoor use, wonderful for a garden
Framework is a flower shelf with simple dial face
Easy to check out
Table with clock incorporated completely
The main items of Timuxe are:

Rain gauge
Mirror with jewelry tray
An outside weather station as well as solar clock belong in the next design.

Leading Supplier in Clock

We produce and export high quality clocks across a wide range application.

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