Marketing Manager

Tessie Lee is Chung Kin’s Manager of Worldwide Marketing reporting to General Manager Mr. Cheung.

Tessie joined Chung Kin in 2010, she has over 10 years of marketing and management experience, during 10 years at Chung Kin in marketing position, she is always considerate of her clients and received high praise from her clients. When customers buy outdoor clocks, she advises them to choose different surface treatments, taking into account local weather conditions such as sun and rain; when customer is in pursuit of fashion and the appearance design does not conform to the structure principle of the clock, she also selects the optimal scheme for the customer’s reference in the first time.

As a 10-year Chung Kin veteran, Tessie holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from North University of China and a Master degree from Guangxi University of Science and Technology in 2010.